Monday, May 12, 2014

Devour the Podcast Episode 92: August Undergound's Mor-Dumb #FuckYouTodd

Holy Shit they aren't dead!

Well folks, better late then never right? It’s time once again for Devour the Podcast!

This episode has been delayed at least a month (give or take, I don’t remember when we recorded it) but it’s finally here, episode 92 (or 93 as I refer to it a couple of times)

-Jamie watched Congo, everyone asks WHY?
-Frankenstein Created Woman…..except not really

NEWS (although it’s old):

-Cabin Fever Patient Zero has a release date
-Goosebumps to scare up fun with Ken Marino
-The Grudge reboot write wants you to know a few things……like he’s writing a reboot to The Grudge


It Came From the Instant Queue:
Wishmaster (1997)
Bo: 3/5
David: 2.5/5
Jamie: 5/5

Our Feature Presentation:
August Undergrounds: Mordum/Atlantic Rim

Bo: F
David: Incomplete
Jamie: Incomplete

Next time on Devour the Podcast:

We take on the 1985 vampire classic Fright Night for It Came From the Instant Queue and we being Jamie’s Slasher retrospective with 1989’s Intruder.

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