Wednesday, May 14, 2014

Cinema Beef Walter Hill Retrospective #2 with Kyle Poling and Paul Crowson!

Cinema Beef is back again with part two of the Walter Hill retrospective! This time with Doc Paul Crowson and Kyle Poling in tow. First up, Nick Nolte has to deal with a wise cracking convict to find two cop killers and try not to kill each other in the process in 48 Hours from 1982. Then we put on our dusters and rock out when join Michael Pare and his crew save Diane Lane from bikers and destroy lots of public property in Streets of Fire from 1984.

Contact Info

Facebook: Gary Hill
Twitter: @GDubby

Facebook: Kyle Poling
Twitter: @jsb_boomsticks

Paul Crowson
Facebook: Doc Paul Crowson
Twitter: @Paul_Crowson

Music Credits

"Built for Speed" performed by The Stray Cats

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