Thursday, May 22, 2014

Cinema Beef - Walter Hill Retrospective Part 6 with Chris Excess and Suzanne Cappaletti!

Alas, the Walter Hill retro has come to an end. We close it out with two of my favorite guests. We have Terror Troop's Chris Excess and It Came the Basement blogger Suzanne Cappaletti. First up, we talk car chases and no name characters in The Driver from 1978. Then, we chat about life lessons and the sweet art of the blues in Crossroads from 1986. This also features the return of The 5th Dimension is Located Just South of Glasgow!

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Facebook, Gary Hill
Twitter: @GDubby
Shows: Sausagefest Reviews, No Sell Commentaries

Facebook: Suzanne Wilson Cappeletti
Twitter: @Flyye01

Chris Excess
Facebook: Christian Leon
Twitter: @chrisexcess
Music Credits

"Payin' the Cost to Be the Boss" performed by B.B. King

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