Saturday, November 30, 2013

Gill and Roscoes Bodacious Horror Podcast Episode 48: Adventures in Time & Space (A Bodacious Tribute to Doctor Who)

Grandad and Sandshoes

This week’s very special episode of the Bodacious Horror Podcast sees your clueless comperes catapulted into chronological chaos, as Gill’s Nicholas Lyndhurst-inspired meddlings with the fabric of space and time kickstart a chain of events which unwittingly spark World War 3. 

Faster than you can say “jump the shark”, they hatch a plot so convoluted that even JJ Abrams says it isn’t a sustainable premise for a series. In an effort to repair the damage to the timeline caused by their foolish actions, Gill & Roscoe present a special episode dedicated to the most celebrated time traveller of them all, The Doctor! 

Along the way, your erudite emissaries discuss “The Three Doctors” (1972), “The Five Doctors” (1983), “Remembrance of the Daleks” (1988), “Dimensions in Time” (1993), “Doctor Who: The Movie” (1996), “The Curse of Fatal Death” (1999), “Time Crash” (2007), “Night of the Doctor” (2013) and “Day of the Doctor” (2013). 

Nobody puts The Doctor in the corner.

Friday, November 29, 2013

The Midnight Horror Show 17: Djarko Unchained

Episode 17

In this debacle of an episode, Dr. Dark attempts online radio suicide when he allows his darker side, "Dark Colonel Sanders", to rear his ugly head in a response to a listener email. 

We attempt to wrap up the John Carpenter celebration and also teach a very special listener a lesson: Mark only takes a finger..not a fist. Prepare yourselves minions...

Gill and Roscoes Bodacious Horror Podcast #52: Xtroridnary

Episode 52

On this week’s most Bodacious of Horror Podcasts, your world weary hosts are homeward bound, with Roscoe returning to the UK after a spell in the colonies, and Gill returning to Knightswood after a morning in Kinning Park. 

In recognition of this admittedly sketchy provocation for patriotism, our focus turns to this sceptred isle, with 3 science fiction shockers sprung from the fertile pastures of this green and pleasant land. First up we have the UK and Ireland’s own Godzilla clone “Gorgo” (1961), followed swiftly by England’s answer to Alien Resurrection, “Xtro” (1983), and closing out with the alcohol-themed horror comedy “Grabbers” (2013). Along the way we also talk about cleaning products, pancakes and Jack the Ripper.

We look forward to hearing more from you.
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Thursday, November 28, 2013

The Morbidly Made #22: Morbid Commentary- ReAnimator


We tried a little something different with this episode. When our original episode plans fell through, we decided it might be interesting to record a commentary for a flick. So we threw out suggestions on our group's Facebook page as to what it should be. We took the first suggestion we received so here it is--our first ever MORBID Commentary for 1985s H.P. Lovecraft's RE-ANIMATOR! Sync it with the Netflix stream, or with your DVD or Blu-ray copy. If you don't have any of those, check out our Facebook group page for a link to an EXCLUSIVE video download of the show available for a limited time. Starting November 29 and continuing through Sunday, December 8th. We'll be back next week with an ALL NEW episode!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page: for information on upcoming shows and how YOU can get involved!

If you have a question, comment, topic, Contagious Movie Of The Week or guest suggestion, please email us at: or or call the show at: 215-240-7839.

Show Breakdown:
--Open (01:20-07:25)
--MORBID Commentary: RE-ANIMATOR (07:55-End)

Thanks for listening!

Thanks again for everything, Happy Thanksgiving!

Wednesday, November 27, 2013

What in the fuck did I just watch?

Hello and welcome back to Devour the Podcast.

This week the crew tackles the Francis Ford Coppola written and directed Twixt for the instant queue selection and attempt to wrap their brains around the confusing, and yet so engaging Suicide Club.
Also we bicker about the Fast and Furious movies for no real reason.

Also we announce the winner of the Hammer Dracula blu-ray!


-Joe Hill's Tales from the Darkside reboot may just be called Darkside. Everyone agrees this is kinda dumb.
-Insidious Chapter 3 is coming in 2015
-Bill Mosley to star in The Summer I Died
-Winona Ryder isn't spilling any beans on Beetlejuice 2. We can officially relegate this to the Ghostbusters 3 folder.
-Scream Factory picks up the rights to Ginger Snaps and Dog Soldiers.

It Came From the Instant Queue:
Twixt (2011)

Bo: 2/5
David: 2.5/5
Jamie: 3/5

Our Feature Presentation:
Suicide Club (2001)

Bo: B+
David: B
Jamie: B

Coming Soon:

Despite what is said in the episode, the crew will not be reviewing J.T. Petty's S&Man for the instant queue on episode 78, because its not available. It has been replaced with Ju-On 2. Still reviewing fellow LoEP host Edward Payson's The Cohasset Snuff Film for the feature.

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Tuesday, November 26, 2013

1313 Blood Lane: Episode 8


Maria takes an episode off.  BUT WAIT, writer / director Jose Prendes joins Barry and Ted as 1313 Blood Lane's special guest host!!!  Barry, Ted, and Jose rank the Child's Play franchise installments, 

Jose reveals his top 10 favorite holiday horror films, and guest star Mike Mendez discusses his new film, Big Ass Spider!!!

This is also an emotional episode, as Barry discusses his experiences dealing with physical and mental health issues.

In addition to our normal jam-packed horror-ific show, Jose reveals his new movie, Barry reviews the French bloodbath Inside, and Monster Brawl pits Candyman versus Pumpkinhead!!!!!  And, as always, the lovely and telented Jessica Cameron joins us to review all of the latest news in the horror world.
Follow BarryTed, and Jose on Twitter, and check out Barry's new video blog series,Barry Morgan - horror geek, on YouTube!!! 

Evil Episodes #52: Thanksgrabbing

Episode 52

Your Horror TV Fix is back!

Welcome to the not really Thanksgiving special. Truth be told, this episode has nothing to do with Thanksgiving. We decided on the quicker turn around time due to the holiday weekend coming up and thought it would be better to not have a 3 week gap between episodes. With that, there is less catching up to do than normal with our weekly horror shows, so we get that out of the way pretty quick and dive into some news items including:

  • Romero dissed The Walking Dead (again)
  • Christina Ricci as Lizzy Borden?
  • Lifeforce....the TV Series?
  • FX orders 13 episode season for the strain
      ............and more!

Then we get discuss the movie Grabbers (now available on netflix instant) and close out the show with the latest Tales from the Darkside segment covering the Season 2 episodes: Comet Watch, Dream Girl, & A New Lease on Life.

Oh, did I mention Corey was out for this episode? Well I just did.  In his place we have the infamous Moe Porne from Drunk on VHS & No Budget Nightmares!

You can contact the show via email at or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback!

Tonight's Guest:

Moe Porne

Evil Episodes Cast:

Mike Maryman

Jamie Jenkins

Midnight Corey
The Electric Chair:

Thanks for Listening and as always....Don't Touch That Dial!!!

Movicopia #39: Catch That Star!

We are back with episode 39 of MovieCopia! This week we are joined by Emily of Terror Troop to discuss the fantasy film Stardust. Is the film worthy of
the novel it’s based on? Or is it another in a long line of book to film duds? Join us to find out!

Monday, November 25, 2013

Graveshift Radio: Hellraiser Retrospective Part 4 - Bloodlines


Ryan, Bo and John are back with the fourth chapter of their massive Hellraiser retrospective.

Starting things off with a look back at Halloween 6 The Curse of Michael Myers. Why you may ask? Call it GraveShifts goodbye to the Halloween season.

Then they cap things off with an in depth review of Hellraiser Bloodline. As always hilarity and heated discussions ensue.

*GraveShift Radio has explicit content, and is for adults only.*

 And again, thank you for all your support!

Sausagefest Reviews does Remakes

Willis and I are back and this time with "Mr. Druid" in tow when we cut it up and talk about good remakes and some real bad ones.  So, strap in and join us in this adventure.  You might change your mind about a few of them.
Contact Info

Find me on Facebook as Gary Hill and on Twitter @GDubby
Find him on Facebook as Willis Wheeler and on Twitter @nastywildc
Find him on Facebook as Jesse Bollinger and on Twitter @theJesseB83

The Podcast Under the Stairs #8: The Best of Brittish Horror Top Ten Part 1

Welcome to the eighth episode of The Podcast Under The Stairs.

Join your hosts Duncan & Graeme discuss all things horror.
On episode 8 the guys  discuss the big news in Horror and finally start their long awaited Best of British Horror Top 10.

This episode contains numbers 10 & 9.

Number 10 – Peeping Tom (1960)
Number 9 – Witchfinder General (1968)

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Saturday, November 23, 2013

Cinema Beef 18: Flex Your Guns and Shoot Up!

Your humble host is back, head cold and all.  I apologize ahead of time for that.  I am joined by the awesome and chatty, but not in a bad way, Mr. Chris Excess of Terror Troop.  The pride of Mexico City and I have got some wonderful selections for you this time around that will stimulate the senses!  First, Dr. West is back and he is shaking up the prison system in Beyond Re-Animator!  Next, Conan is back with a brand new set of commandos to find treasure and to punch animals in Conan the Destroyer! Finally, Chris and I have a love fest for Luc Besson when we discuss houseplants, guns and the how milk can make you the best assassin ever in Leon: The Professional!  On this episode, I also announce Cinema Beef’s first giveaway!  Thanks for all the love, support and patience.
Beyond Re-Animator
Conan the Destroyer
Music Break (Led Zeppelin – The Battle of Evermore)
Leon: The Professional
Various promos
Musical Exit (Sting – Shape of My Heart)
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Listen to Terror Troop!
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Thursday, November 21, 2013

The Midnight Horror Show Episode 16- Lifetime, Good Friends, & A Whoooooole Lotta' Dolphin Guzz!

Dolphin guzz........

Be sure to pop your Ritalin kids cause this one is all over the place.

If you missed the fun we had on the live show Wednesday night, here is the episode. We had a wonderfully awesome drunk minion go ape nuts in the Live Chat, one joining us on the show while taking a shit, and the hosts drinking and blanking out.

We covered a little bit of John Carpenter and a whole lot of sea creatures masturbating, Lady Gaga, Lifetime network, you name came out! We also go over a most excellent email from a new listener allll the way across the big pond! Enjoy Minions!

Join the fun and catch the show as it records live ONLY at every Wednesday @ 8est.
Feedback?-Email us at call the voice mail line @ (937) 601-8647

Tuesday, November 19, 2013

The Midnight Horror Show Episode 15: Fuck-Face Strikes!

They call him Fuck-Face......

Welcome back, Minions!

This episode we "try" and continue on with our tribute to John Carpenter and his films but are trolled by a user of the name of "Fuck-Face".

Razzled by the banter, the crew finally get there wits about them and challenge fuck face to join them for a nice old fashioned TMHS horror trivia...guess who didn't have the balls to respond? Enjoy boys and gals!

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Monday, November 18, 2013

1313 Blood Lane: Episode 6

Episode 6

Episode 6 of the horror podcast 1313 Blood Lane, featuring special guest Camden Toy (Buffy the Vampire Slayer).

Join Barry Morgan, Maria Olsen, and Ted Payson as they discuss the wonders of being a proud horror fan, Ted's top 10 favorite demon films, and Barry's review of the movie Pontypool.

Also in this episode, a Monster Brawl match-up between The Creeper and The Wishmaster.

Follow Barry, Ted, and Maria on Twitter, and check out Barry's new video blog series, Barry Morgan - horror geek, on YouTube!!!

Sunday, November 17, 2013

The Podcast Under the Stairs EP 7 (Feat. The Baz) – Post Halloween Blues & Catch Up

Episode 7

Join your hosts Duncan & Graeme discuss all things horror.

On episode 7 the guys catch up for the first time in a month to discuss the big news in Horror from the last month. 

They are joined by The Baz of Rock n Reel Reviews for a new segment called Baz V Horror in which our horror Noob Baz will face his fears and watch some of the scariest films about, then report back to the guys and let them know who won…The Baz or Horror.

On this episode The Baz squares off against 2007 Spanish Found Footage Horror Film REC.

In this contest of Baz V Horror…Horror was the Winner!!

Thanks to Baz for coming on and chatting with us and you can follow his twitter feed HERE.
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Gill & Roscoe's Bodacious Horror Podcast #51: CB Radio

Episode 51

On this week's Bodacious Horror Podcast, Gill & Roscoe are most privileged to be joined by acclaimed writer and director J.T. Petty for an enormous end-of-Kurgan Heritage Month extravaganza!

J.T. will be sharing anecdotes about his career, his influences and his forthcoming projects, as well as discussing 2 of his most recent works - "The Burrowers" (2008) and "Hellbenders 3D" (2013) - starring the Kurgan himself, Mr. Clancy Brown.  

In-keeping with the theme, we'll also be discussing Paul Verhoeven's "Starship Troopers" (1997) and it's socio-political ramifications. Yeah.  As if that wasn't enough, Roscoe will regale us with tales from his trip to the US of A, including a visit to The Witch's Dungeon Classic Movie Museum in Bristol CT and the US premiere of Troma's "Return to Nuke 'Em High Vol 1".

Meanwhile, Gill offers practical advice for faith-groups hoping to utilise "Man of Steel" as an educational tool.

Thursday, November 14, 2013

Evil Episodes #51: Escape from Tomorrow

Welcome back to your bi-weekly dose of the small screen terrors!

First off I'd like to start with a happy announcement that we are now being featured on The League of Extraordinary Podcasts as well as Horrorphilia. Continued thanks to both of these incredible podcasting networks for our partnership and I hope all listeners of this show check out all the great shows on both networks.

This episode you could consider our "Halloween hangover"  We had so much time wrapped up in preparing for the Halloween episode that we pushed coverage of the returning Walking Dead & American Horror Story, as well as the debut of Dracula to this episode.....which means you are getting pretty much a month's worth of coverage from all three shows. Yep, one of THOSE episodes again.  Mike & Jamie also each review a book, and Corey gives his thoughts on Asylum's Zombie Night. (Plus a whole bunch of other random stuff per usual).

Then we welcome special guest Doug Barnes of The Season Pass Podcast to the show to discuss Escape from Tomorrow with us.  Doug being a theme park junkie has lots of interesting insights and tidbits to offer up during the discussion.  Do yourself a favor and check out The Season Pass podcast, especially the Halloween themed episodes which Mike guest co-hosts numerous times. 

You can contact the show via email at or via the brand new voicemail line at 760-661-7384 We appreciate any and all feedback!

Tonight's Guest:

Doug Barnes


Evil Episodes Cast:

Mike Maryman

Jamie Jenkins

Midnight Corey
The Electric Chair:

The Morbidly Made Episode 21: Morbid Attractions

Morbid Attractions

This week we welcome MADE member, Cody, joining us to talk all things morbid in terms of your favorite haunted attractions. Things start off as Michael J gives what could be surprising news, John's near death experience on his way to the show, Cody's Halloween recovery, and more! Then, it's on to what we watched. As always John watches more than anyone, while Michael J and Cody's efforts were less than stellar. Although, Cody was not impressed with CURSE OF CHUCKY.

We then talk our favorite haunted attractions including: John's experience at The ScareHouse, Michael J's first ever meeting with Kane Hodder at a hayride, The Michael Myers Incident, Alien Encounter, and more!

We wrap things up with the news. Uwe Boll's disappointing SEED gets a
sequel, Sleepaway Camp is getting remade, The REC people are making what Michael J thinks is a Cabin Fever ripoff, is GHOSTBUSTERS 3 finally happening, and much more!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page: for information on upcoming shows and how YOU can get involved!

If you have a question, comment, topic, Contagious Movie Of The Week or guest suggestion, please email us at: or or call the show at: 215-240-7839.

Show Breakdown:
--Open/What We Watched (2:57-52:46)
--Morbid Attractions (52:47-01:38:34)
--Behind The Scenes (01:39:13-01:42:07)
--News/Wrap Up (01:43:19-End)

Thanks for listening!

Wednesday, November 13, 2013

Devour the Podcast 76: Nekromantik or The Gentlemans Guide to Corpse Fucking

Hello and welcome to another episode of Devour the Podcast.

This week is jam packed as we're technically two weeks behind on recording! 

-The crew chats about Halloween
-Bo has seen the movie he wrote and it's pretty awesome
-Lazarus and the Wife Who Came Back book 2 is available soon
-Two weeks worth of AHS: Coven
-The League of Extraordinary Podcasts!


-James Wan to produce Crawl Space, further confusing everyone
-Cinemax is picking up Kirkman's exorcism title Outcast
-The assholes who brought us The Collector and The Collection to bring us The Neighbor.
-That creepy ass doll Annabell to start in a Conjuring spin off
-There's an all female directed horror anthology coming called XX.

It Came from the Instant Queue:

Ju-On (2002)

Bo: 4/5
David: 4/5
Jamie: 3/5

Our Feature Presentation:

Nekromantik (1988)

Bo: C+
David: B
Jamie: C


We're tackling the Francis Ford Coppola written/directed film Twixt for our Instant Queue selection, and diving back into the dark waters of Japan with 2001's Suicide Club (Jisatsu S√Ękuru)

Thank you all for listening to this episode. Thanks to everyone who has left us an iTunes review, and make sure to pick up a copy of  Lazarus and the Wife Who Came Back - Book One

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Cinema Beef Episode 17: What the Hell did Moe make me watch?!

Episode 17

Episode 17 is here and I'm glad you are all are still with us. This time with a brand-new guest! Is the bearded master of all things VHS, Mr. Moe Porne! On this show, I am graced with three virgin watches in a Herschell Gordon Lewis triple bill! We take in preachers, revenuers and the worship of white lightning in This Stuff'll Kill Ya. Next, mean teens are angry and they take it out on everything and everyone in Just For the Hell of It. Last, we dive into the world of seedy photographers and rapey eyes

in Scum of the Earth! I can say 2 out of 3 of these are must sees. Listen to find out which ones!

Contact Info


Find me on Facebook as Gary Hill and on Twitter @GDubby

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E-mail me with show suggestions, feedback and requests to be guests on the show.


Find him on Facebook as Moe Porne and on Twitter @DrunkonVHS

Join the No Budget Nightmares group.

Check out the Drunk on VHS podcast.

Check out No Budget Nightmares with Moe and Doug.

Music Credits

"White Lightning" performed by George Jones from the album "White Lightning and Other Favorites"

"Violent Mood Swings (Thread Mix)" performed by Stabbing Westward from the album "Clerks OST"

"There She Goes Again" performed by The Velvet Underground from the album "The Velvet Underground and Nico"

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Graveshift Radio Hellraiser Retro Part 3

Graveshift Radio-Hellraiser 3

Ryan, Bo and John are back talking CHUD and Hellraiser 3 Hell on Earth for the 3rd chapter of their massive Hellraiser retrospective.

The Morbidly Made Episode 20: We Love Halloween

Welcome to our first HALLOWEEN show! This week we're joined by Scott Summerton (Guilty Pleasures Cinema) as our special guest co-host. The show starts off, as always with Michael J's "college work" discussion.

Then, it's "What We Watched". The Carrie remake is debated. Why it is or isn't good? Bad Grandpa is Michael J's favorite of the weekend, Scott gives his take on Escape Plan and more! After that the guys get into their Halloween traditions and experiences. A departure from the normal Halloween movie series talk, it gives great insight into their lives. You'll laugh, cry, and be absolutely disgusted with this segment.

After a break, Tyler Mane joins in, for an exceptional interview, to talk Michael Myers and the future of the HALLOWEEN franchise! He fills us in on his production company, Mane Entertainment, as well as his upcoming film projects and more.

Things wrap up with news, Dimension looks to Clive Barker to write the Hellraiser reboot, will he direct? Prometheus 2 is in development, Trick R Treat 2 is happening, Army Of Darkness 2 VS. Evil Dead 2 and more!

Stay tuned to our Facebook page: for information on upcoming shows and how YOU can get involved! If you have a question, comment, topic, Contagious Movie Of The Week or guest suggestion, please email us at: or or call the show at: 215-240-7839.

Show Breakdown:
--Open/What We Watched (2:14-36:13)
--We Love HALLOWEEN (36:14-01:15:12)
--HALLOWEEN 6 On Entertainment Tonight (01:15:15-01:17:38)
--Tyler Mane (Michael Myers- RZ's HALLOWEEN I & II) Interview (01:18:06-01:37:28)
--Behind The Scenes (01:37:29-01:39:43)
--News/Wrap Up (01:40:32-End)
Thanks for listening!

The Podcast Under the Stairs: Halloween part 2

Duncan sits down to interview some of the great names in Horror Podcasting

Jesse Bollinger of MovieCopia & Horrorcopia
David Anders Jr of Devour The Podcast
Mike Merryman of Evil Episodes
Roscoe Harold Vacant of Gill & Roscoe’s Bodacious Horror Podcast
Gary Hill of Cinema BeefMovieCopia & Sausagefest Reviews
Bo Ransdell of Devour The Podcast & Graveshift Radio

David Buchanan of Rock n Reel Reviews
Dan Chase of The Skeleton Crew

A massive thanks to all those involved in the podcast for giving up their time to chat to Duncan.
Check out our Facebook page and don’t forget to leave us feedback at

Gill and Roscoes Bodacious Horror Podcast: Episode 49: Kamen Sutra

Episode 49

Gill and Roscoe return refreshed from a 6 week hiatus with a hastily sellotaped together show, and bearing the gifts of excellent banter, obscure references and terrible impressions! Don’t call it a comeback – we’ve been here for years! Well, one year, to be precise, and as such it’s also our belated one year anniversary show, featuring some nice messages from friends near and far! We also find the time to discuss some films, including the cult gore classic “Highlander” (1986), the notorious slasher “Brazil” (1985) and the tame-by-comparison “Event Horizon” (1997). It’s our birthday, we’re watching what we want. Thanks to all for sticking with us and keeping it lit during our hiatus, more good things to come.

You can email us @:

MENtertainment Tonight: Episode 4 3000 Miles to Forbidden Planet Graceland

Episode 4

A sober Josh and a drunk Jay discuss Iron Man 3, Blood Diner, Nintendo's overreaction to the early release of Pokemon X and Y, Rush's remaster of Vapor Trails, and Kevin Smith's Tusk before delving into reviews of 2001's 3000 Miles to Graceland and 1956's Forbidden Planet.

Evil Episodes Podcast: Episode #50 Halloween Special Parts 1 & 2

Part 1
Part 2

Welcome to the big #50, and what better timing for the big 5-0 than our Halloween 2013 special, right?
This sucker is packed, so packed in fact that I split the episode into two for those that have a preference of what they want to get to first (but trust us, both will be worth it).  
First off we have Corey, Jamie & Myself talking some Halloween shows and traditions from our past and present, what exactly do WE do on Halloween, all that good stuff….then I invite Doug & Robert Coker on to discuss a bunch of different haunts in California including Knott’s “Scary” Farm, Universal’s Hollywood Horror Nights, & much more……The season pass podcast was kind enough to invite me with them for these experiences and it will not be soon forgotten. 
Do yourself a favor and check out even more detailed coverage of the haunt season at 
I hope everyone has another great Halloween, stay safe, but spooky!
Tonight’s guests:
Doug Barnes @theseasonpass  
Robert Coker @thrillridecom of 
Your go-to podcast for Theme park discussion & commentary!  Your Ticket to Ride!
Evil Episode’s Cast
Mike Maryman
Jamie Jenkins
Midnight Corey
The Electric Chair:
Thanks for Listening and as always….Don’t Touch That Dial!!!

Moviecopia 38: Disturbing Behavior

Download the show

We are back again with another episode of MovieCopia. This week, we are reviewing the teen thriller Disturbing Behavior. Do you want to be a member of the elite blue ribbons? If so, enjoy the show!

Contact Info:

Email Jesse.

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The Midnight Horror Show: Episode 14- The Gangs All Here (Almost)

Episode 14

So finally the guys have gathered together to record! Join Mark, Danny, Dark, and Undead as we start TMHS Hall of Pain with our first inductee, John Carpenter. News, Birthdays, and Dr. Darks pet semen are all discussed on this episode! Enjoy Minions!!