Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Duncan and Bo Come Correct: Episode 4; Auteur-o-rama!

We have been remiss in getting you, our dear droogs, a new episode.  I, Bo, take full responsibility for that in that it has taken more time to edit this episode.  BUT, this episode is about twice as long as usual, so don’t be so huffy.  In Episode Four, a TIEBREAKER episode, we discuss two very different films from two very different filmmakers, both of whom have produced some of the most interesting cinema in the past decade.  Ben Wheatley and Bobcat Goldthwait give us plenty to talk about with A Field in England and Willow Creek  Enjoy the drama of our discussion when Duncan and Bo decide who has come most correct in the first four episodes, and who will emerge victorious in our 2-2 tie.
Also, if you want to suggest movies to us, let me know at Bo.Ransdell@gmail.com.


Episode 4

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