Monday, July 28, 2014

Morbidly Made 32: Return to Sleepaway Camp

Things start off going over what we watched. John feels like he’s in the 80s, and we welcome special guest Cody Robinson, who joins us on the show this week. After a break, TROY H. GARDNER (Author Of EXAMINING SLEEPAWAY CAMP) joins us to discuss the franchise and offer his thoughts on various aspects of it. We also get into fan scripts that are floating around the net, and who would be the better choice to direct another sequel Robert Hiltzik or Michael Simpson?

Then Cody, Kasey, and John discuss Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3, which was better? Did Simpson make better films than Hiltzik? All that and more are discussed in depth. Do you agree or disagree with their analysis?
Michael J returns for the news, but before we can get into anything his music choices for the last episode are called to question. After he defends his choices we talk Silent Night, Deadly Night’s Blu-ray release, the problem with Amazon’s listing for the HALLOWEEN: COMPLETE COLLECTION BLU-RAY BOXSET, New Line is releasing what looks to be a horrible found footage movie, the next FRIDAY THE 13TH will be in 3D, and more! This is a jam packed episode!
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Show Breakdown:
--Open (3:52-13:20)
--Jacket Audio Minute (13:58-17:14)
--Troy H. Gardner Interview (17:59-41:01)
--Behind The Scenes (41:02-44:12)
--Sleepaway Camp 2 & 3 Talk (45:14-01:19:26)
--Sleepaway Camp Fan Feedback (01:20:16-01:21:55)
--News (01:22:04-End)

Listen here!

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