Monday, June 16, 2014

Morbidly Made 31: Sleepaway Camp!

Sleepaway Camp fans rejoice! Not only do we get into the original film and Return To Sleepaway Camp, but we are joined by Writer/Director Robert Hiltzik for a truly bizarre interview. What was really the curling iron’s destination? What about the inspiration for Return To Sleepaway Camp? This is a candid conversation with a very unique individual.

Then we get into our thoughts on both films. Was anyone able to see past the films’ flaws? Things wrap up with news, which includes an update on Campout Nightmare VII. This is definitely a must hear episode!

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Show Breakdown:
--Open (1:33-8:40)
--Jacket Audio Minute (9:53-11:19)
--Robert Hiltzik Interview (11:20-27:10)
--Behind The Scenes (27:11-28:45)
--Sleepaway Camp Talk (30:10-50:47)
--Return To Sleepaway Camp Talk (51:52-01:15:23)
--News (01:17:35-End)

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